Cockpit development

Once stage one of the space frame was complete and the rear bodywork was well underway, we set our minds as to how we were going to build the cabin of the car. My intention was to use as much of the AMG as I possibly could, with the hope to use the dash complete as to keep all the instruments and computers designed to work with the engine we were taking from the car. After looking at various options for transplanting dash parts from the AMG, we came up with the concept of cutting the complete middle section out of the car and grafting it on to the space frame. A consult with the engineer certifying the build gave the green light, and the AMG was carefully carved into appropriate pieces. 

img_3233 img_3232 img_3231

The resultant mid-clip contained all the front firewall, the dash, and was complete with windscreen wipers, windscreen, and windscreen surround. This clip was then test fitted onto the space frame with a few adjustments made to get it appropriately positioned. 

 20160721_1424111 20160721_1423551 20160721_1423211 20160721_1423111 20160702_130520 20160702_130511

The concept looked like it would work, and would certainly save us a significant amount of time and money creating an interior, as well as allow us to salvage a significant amount of parts from the AMG.