Custom car build update Feb 2017: Delta Ligero prototype

The next phase of the Ligero build is to start fitting all the components into the rear of the car. Andrew from Trickey Performance Engineering has been hard at work completing the rear space frame superstructure to support the rear clip. With the rear dimensions well defined, and the fuel tanks done, the radiators need to be mounted. We’ve gone with a twin radiator system, and after a bit of deliberating over different options, have chosen a twin RX7 style radiator system, which will keep the car nicely balanced and the centre of gravity low. It will also provide good redundancy in cooling capacity to allow for potential engine / induction upgrades in the future without the need to rethink cooling.  

The rear space frame superstructure can be seen in the following photos:

IMG_3469 IMG_3470Delta Ligero Feb 17_24 Delta Ligero Feb 17_25

This was the first opportunity that I had to inspect the rear fibreglass shell firsthand, and I was wrapped with the quality of the work done by Joe Bradley Fibreglass. The panels are perfectly consistent thickness and an ideal compromise between being thick enough to be rigid whilst remaining thin enough to minimise weight. 

IMG_3486 IMG_3482 IMG_3480 IMG_3473 IMG_3472

I also couldn’t resist the urge to crack the custom Baer brakes out of their box and have a play with them!


Here’s a video walk around of the progress, explaining the layout of the rear of the car and the next steps in the build.

Until next time….Cheers, dan.