Delta Ligero custom car build August 2017

Progress has been slower than we would have liked over the past month on the build, however we are making headway in a few key areas. The main area of interest at the moment is the passenger compartment. For those of you who have been tracking the build for a while, you will remember that we initially intended to take a mid-cut out of an AMG Mercedes and graft it on to to space frame for the car. The thought there was to provide a ready made fix for most of the interior and save a significant amount of fabrication. For a variety of reasons we scrapped that idea and went back to the drawing board for the passenger compartment, meaning that we had to generate a driving position from scratch. One of the challenges we’ve faced is getting the dash and pedals at the right height, and then finding seats appropriate for the car to allow a good driving position, and also still allow enough headroom for 6 foot plus height drivers. Getting the dash height right has been a fiddly job, but we’re finally getting very close.


Once we’ve locked in the exact location of the dash we will be able to finalise the bracket for the space frame. The concept is to be able to plug and play a Porsche Boxster dash into the prototype. 

The seating solution has come from Australian supplier Velo Racing Products who have delivered a fantastic custom embroidered race seat for the car that not only looks fantastic, but is nice and slimline and low profile, meaning that it will sit lower in the car and allow additional headroom. The difference in head room between the Velo seat and the Boxster seat can be appreciated in the photos below. 


The next major construction will be the roof structure. The team at Joe Bradley Fibreglass have knocked out a windscreen surround to house the Porsche Boxster windscreen, which once in position will allow us to define the exact angles and dimensions of the roof and windscreen support structure of the space frame.

Once we’ve got all that dialled in we can finalise the front plug of the car and the crew can get to work generating the moulds for the first front panels. 

The back of the prototype is largely unchanged from the previous post, however I’ve included a few shots below of the mock up rear wing and rear nostril air outlets in place just to get a feel of what the rear of the beast will look like!

Also, over at Delta Automotive’s Youtube channel I’ve uploaded an updated walk around of the car. 

Thanks for reading. Cheers, dan.