Delta Ligero prototype – custom front bodywork development

The front bodywork plug for the car had been developed to a certain point and then put on ice until we knew the exact height and dimensions of the windscreen and dash. Once that had been locked in it was time to get the front plug back out and start sculpting the look of the front of the car. Firstly a template was made with the windscreen in place at its specified height and angle. It can be seen that the front plug as it stood was going to be too high and would need refinement. 

First job was to trim some height off the back of the front bodywork to get it to better align with the front of the windscreen and allow good driver visibility.

Next was the process of refining the wheel arches and overall curves and look of the front clip. The goal was an aggressive look with muscular wheel arch bulges, dipping down toward the centre of the front bonnet. 

Once the bulk of the styling was done a coat of primer was applied to get a better idea of the overall styling without the distraction of the different colours of the various layers of bog and composites building up the plug. 

Next was the front bonnet styling. After experimenting with a few different bulge and scoop designs we settled on a subtle depressed scoop design. 

Refined and primed…

and finally with a Delta badge in place!

Many thanks to Will from Joe Bradley Fibreglass who was good enough to take the front plug home over his Christmas holidays to keep working on it, his work never ceases to impress – what a champion!


Thanks for looking. Here’s to seeing the prototype on the road in 2018!