• CAD Delta Ligero

    December 10th, 2016 | by
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    Keen to get a feel for what the Ligero might look like once complete I engaged Phillip from Triangle Prototypes to knock up some CAD images. Despite having incomplete information, Phillip worked with the dimensions that I was able to supply him as well as the  photos of the work in progress to start building up a CAD profile of the car. 

    ligero-back-iso iso iso-ligero front front-2 back

    A bit more back and forward, and a few more hours of skilful work by Phillip and the CAD Ligero began to come to life.

    update-hip-scoop update-back back-iso back-cutaway back-cutaway-top back-cutaway-back

    Then with a lick of paint…Perfect.

    ligero-coloured ligero-coloured-8 ligero-coloured-7 ligero-coloured-6 ligero-coloured-5 ligero-coloured-4 ligero-coloured-3 ligero-coloured-2