Tricky Performance Engineering – Custom Car experts

After scouring the country for the right company to tackle Project Delta and bring my car to life, I was finally recommended to get in touch with Andrew from Tricky Performance Engineering in Burpengary, Queensland. After talking with Andrew from Tricky I immediately knew that I had found my man for the task, and we scheduled the car in to be trucked up to his workshop and resurrected.

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I met Andrew at the Tricky Performance Engineering workshop and we went over the project with the engineer who would be signing off on the build. Some immediate issues were discovered. Firstly, due to the taper at the rear of the car’s bodywork the rear lights were positioned too far in from the widest point of the car to be considered roadworthy by the current legislation. This small point in itself meant a complete redesign of the rear of the car. As we dug deeper into the proposed build we also discovered that the space frame was going to need some significant work to render it capable of passing the torsional and side intrusion testing, and that the suspension, brakes and steering were not going to be safe to handle the new proposed AMG power plant. 

After deliberating over the pros and cons of rebuilding the existing chassis versus starting again from scratch, the decision was made to start again. In designing the new space frame Andrew realised that the wheelbase of the car was disproportionately short for its massive 2200mm width, and approximately 1000mm shorter than any contemporary Supercar of similar proportions. Realising that this short wheelbase would have adverse effects on handling, a decision was made to lengthen the car by approximately 1000mm, with the subsequent implication that the body would need to be revised accordingly. Still undeterred I gave the project the green light, and unable to let go of my teenage dream of driving one of these cars, Project Delta (or a variation of) was still a go!